In The Beginning.

The history of Dedham Old Boys Football Club can be traced back to the Dedham Grammar School team who played an early match against Harwich and Parkeston Football Club (The Shrimpers) in November 1877. The match was played on the Grammar School ground which is still used today by Dedham Old Boys.

The earliest known team photograph below is from the 1910/11 season when the team was known as Dedham Football Club, the successors of the Grammar School team.



Team members from left to right were

Back Row: G. Minter, Rev Hutt, C. Evans, B. Hitchcock, T.Ogg, E. Carter, J. Hicks, E. Ray

Centre Row: S. Barnard, P.Dodson, H. Watson (Capt.), R. Beisley, G. Edwards

Front Row: F. Barrell, M. Howard,T. Wilkins

Eddie Ray was later well known locally as owner of the village hardware store and the village Air Raid Warden during the World War Two.




In the 1927/28 season, the then secretary, Mr. Harold Bond omitted to register the team in the Nayland and District League. This resulted in many players leaving to play for other league teams. The remaining players played only friendly games. The following season the players returned and the club was renamed Dedham Old Boys F.C. The photograph below is from the 1929/30 season.



Team members from left to right were:

Back Row: F. Harvey, E. Edwards, L. Stulley, F. Edwards, S. Howard, G.Whitehead, B. Appleby, H. Sage, H. Bond, S. Edwards

Front Row: F. Willis, S. Payne, B. Smith, T. Diggins, A. Willis





The next photograph is of the 1938/39 team which drew 6 – 6 with Lawford Lads F.C. in a cup match.



Team members from left to right were:

Back Row: Noel Bradbrook, Joe Cottee, Albert Daughters, Tommy Diggens, Meadows, Jim Cottee, Les Long, Jim Candy, Frank Hunnaball

Front Row: Timmy Smith, Eric Jowers, Fred Osborne, Arthur Clary.





Les Long, lived most of his life just a few hundred yards from the ground in Forge Street. Albert Daughters was a stalwart of the club during the 50’s, 60’s 70’s and 80’s. He could rightly be called “Mr Dedham Old Boys” as he had many roles in the club, including Chairman, Secretary, Captain and Groundsman, amongst others. In the 1970’s he received an award from the Colchester and East Essex League in recognition of his work for the club. Timmy Smith played for many years and retired from the game at the ripe old age of fifty.

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The Post World War Two Years.

Football resumed after the Word War Two. Dedham Old Boys enjoyed a highly successful season in 1947/48 winning four trophies including Brightlingsea and District Section B League Champions, The Amos Cup, The Bromley Memorial Cup and runners up cup in the Knock Out Cup competition. The silverware haul is shown in the photograph below.












The overall statistics for 1947/48 season were:

PlayedWonDrawnLostGoals ForGoals Against


The 1947/48 team is shown in the photograph below.



Team members from left to right were:

Back Row: J. Hunnaball, K. Everett, J. Clary

Centre Row: T. Everett, T. Finch, E. Keddie (Capt), G. Shippen, D. Vince

Front Row: D. Fowles, B. Haig, E. French, C. Shippen, C. Bird






The following season Dedham Old Boys F.C. secured the signature of Les ‘Blondie’ Brooks who was apparently bribed with a pint of beer by the landlord of the Sun Hotel. The team continued to do well until the mid fifties winning various trophies. There were many good tussles with the other top team of the time in the area Wivenhoe Rangers (now known as Wivenhoe Town F.C.).

The photograph below shows the team which beat Little Oakley, 1 – 0 in the final of the League Knockout Cup in the 1957/58 season.



Team members from left to right were:

C. Shippen, J. Mathews, I. Airey, S. Box, K. Everitt, J. Clary, A. Daughters, P. Easey, B. Slocombe, D. Cookson, L. Brooks.






Another photograph below shows the reserve team during the 1950s.



The team members from left to right were:

Back Row: Unknown,, Jim Nunn, Clive Band, George Bullet, Albert Daughters, Eric Barber.

Front Row: John Hunnaball, Ken Everett, Timmy Smith, Tony (Carrot) Clifford, Claude Bird.






The 1960s proved to be a lean time for the Club with no major trophies added to the trophy cabinet. However by the middle of the 1970s the club’s fortunes changed with Roy Walsh (Albert Daughters nephew) as manager.

Once again the Club won many trophies. In 1977 Dedham Old Boys F.C. Played a match against Harwich and Parkeston Football Club at the Royal Oak ground to celebrate the Centenary of both clubs. Harwich and Parkeston won the match 2 – 0. A copy of the programme from that match survives and is shown below.













The photograph below shows the team during the 1970s. Some of these players also played in the Centenary match.



Back Row: A. Cottee, M. Easey, P. Cosson, D. Barnes, G. Mann, R, Bird

Front Row: M. Niesh, M. Marangou, N. Bush, A. Walsh, R. Walsh, M. Tarbard








The success of the 1970s continued on into the 1980s. In particular the 1982/3 season was noteworthy when the club won the Colchester & East Essex League, The Amos Charity Cup, The Bromley Charity Cup, Essex Junior Trophy and were area winners and finalists in the Harwich Charity Cup.

In the 1983/84 season the club decided to try its luck at a higher level of local football by joining the Essex & Suffolk Border league., resulting in the club winning Division 3. The following season the club were runners up in Division 2, thereby gaining promotion to Division 1.

The next few seasons saw the club playing in Division 1 and in 1990/91 were runners up in Division 1, gaining promotion to the Premier Division. Over the next three seasons the club finished in the top 5 of the Premier Division. However by the 1995/96 season many of the better players had moved on to other clubs, resulting in the team being relegated back to Divison 1.

For the next few years with various managers, the club maintained a mid table position in Division 1.

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After The Millennium.

The club enjoyed another change in its fortunes in the 2003/04 season with Gary Wood as manager, assisted by John Hamblion. The first team finished third in the league and were semi-finalists in the Border League Cup. The photograph below shows the 2003/4 first team.


Players and officials from left to right were:-

Back Row: Gary Wood (Manager), Rob Thompson, Chris Welham (Capt), Stewart Fulton, Simon Payne, Danny Bell, Martin Colclough, John Thompson, Tom Berry, Danny Coote,

John Hamblion (Assistant Manager), Chris Clark (Chairman).

Front Row: Rodney Chatters (Physio), Tony Chatters, Carl Marangou,Sean Catney, Blake Marangou, Michael Owen, Steve Coote.

Front Kneeling: Henry Welham, Richard Hamblion (Mascots).

With Paul Hever and Colin Knights managing the reserves in the 2004/05 season the reserves also enjoyed a good season.

The photograph below shows the 2004/5 reserve team.


The players and officials from left to right were:-

Back Row: Chris Clark (Chairman), Paul Hever (Manager), Gary Lawrence, Andy Marshall, Gerry Cambell, Danny Coote, John Noble, Kyle Worcester, James, Paul Brint Snr (Linesman)

Front Row: John Bucanon, Kieran Wakefield, Owain Richards, Danny Charles, Mick Tracy, Steve Martin, Blake Marangou, Danny Fisher.





We are indebted to Chris Clark and John Hunnable for the commentary and photographs describing the club’s history.

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